Food-processing industry

Technical equipment and high qualification of our company staff enables us to carry out works in the food-processing industry:

  • of various diameters SS pipelines
  • welding and repair of corrosion-proof tanks;
  • rolling of SS sheets;
  • installation and piping of process equipment; (pumps, separators, filters, tanks).

Fuel and Energy complex

Works in Fuel and Energy complex should be carried out by experienced and qualified welders admitted to weld pipes of different diameters. Our company is able to carry out the following works:

  • installation of feed in-plant gas pipelines;
  • installation of different purposes process pipelines;
  • installation of various process equipment.

Chemical and Petrochemical industry

Chemical and petrochemical industries are the industries whose production depends on dangerous substances and both special processing and storage equipment. For equipment maintenance in good running order it is critically necessary to carry out permanent and current works. SpecMontazhInzhiniring LTD is experienced in carrying out of repair works, namely:

  • tanks refurbishment (cleaning black oil debris from tank, tank alignment on working level and tank lifting, bottom central part and annular plates replacement, repair of faulty welds of bottom walls, application of anticorrosive coating);
  • repair of railway and refuelling SS and Aluminum tanks; installation of process CS and SS pipelines;
  • installation of rolled vertical tanks for crude oil and oil products storage;
  • installation and piping of pumps, filters.


Quickly developing agribusiness puts new tasks on building of brand new elevators, processing complexes, etc. Our long-term experience enables to carry out in due time and in a quality manner the following works:

  • installation of silos for grain storage;
  • installation of chain and tape conveyors, cup elevators;
  • installation and repair of drying equipment for elevators;
  • fabrication and installation of conveyor galleries steel structures

Fabrication of non-standard structures

Fabrication and installation of non-standard structures is a labour-intensive process on fabrication of separate structures that requests developing of detail drawings, fabrication and installation skills. Our company is experienced in fabrication of:

  • Cyclones;
  • Clinker cooler body;
  • Steel structures for cement production kiln shell.

Steel structures fabrication

Production in all sectors of economy requires use of various steel structures. Our company is able to carry out works on fabrication and installation of the following steel structures:

  • plate-by-plate installation of 100-50 000 m3 capacity tanks;
  • fabrication and installation of supports and conveyor galleries steel structures at construction of grain elevators;
  • fabrication and installation of the bunkers for both railway and truck loading;
  • fabrication and installation of the pipelines legs, supports

Structural aluminum welding

Aluminum alloys are used in the various purposes welded structures. Their basic advantages as constructional materials are low density, high strength-to-weight ratio, high corrosion resistance. We carry out the following works on Aluminum alloys welding:

  • repair and TIG, МIG welding of the various diameters Aluminum alloys pipes;
  • structural Aluminum and Aluminum alloys welding;
  • repair of Aluminum tanks.

Contract supervision services

Contract supervision works in agribusiness:

  • at installation of drying equipment;
  • transport equipment;
  • flat and cone bottom silos;
  • treatment plants.

Electrical Installation Department

Currently, we are ready to carry out the entire range of construction, installation and commissioning activities of any industrial facilities, both in Ukraine and abroad.
We managed to create a truly modern company, equipped with the most advanced equipment and instruments that allows to perform the work in strict accordance with the requirements of regulatory documents, as well as Customer's requirements.
We offer our Customers all kinds of electrical installation and commissioning activities of any complexity, using the latest technology on the following systems:

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