Installation of process piping

  1. Installation of process piping and installation of process equipment at Sulfuric Acid Unit of Titan Plant JSC "Crimean Titan" Armyansk.
  2. 10” interplant gasmain construction, 1”-14” process gas piping construction of rotary furnace at Metallurgic Plant “Interpype Niko Tube”, Nikopol’, Dnipropetrovsk region (General contractor Techmash LTD)
  3. Construction of CS and Alloy process piping with diameter from ¾” to 22” during construction extracting and preparation CPF, at the Delta Wilmar CIS factory, Yuzhny, Odessa region.
  4. 32”-48” Piping works in the mountains, within construction of hydropower plants in the Carpathian Mountains.
  5. 1”-12” Alloy process pipes construction for transportation of liquid air, nitrogen, oxygen; 1”-48” CS process pipes and 1-10” creep-resistant pipesteam construction at the Air Separation Plant, «Linde Gas Ukraine», Krivoy Rog.


  1. Weld repair on chlorine pipeline in the place of blowhole, replacement of steam pipelines, removal and installation of safety valves on steam pipeline - “Kremenchuk dairy plant”.
  2. Installation of 219 mm diameter pipelines at expansion of liquid cargoes tank farm - customer JV Risoil Terminal LLC, Chernomorske town, Odessa oblast.


  1. Installation of technological pipelines, installation of metal structures of the TSA at the facility "Construction of a complex of machines for continuous casting of workpieces # 4 at PJSC "MMK named Ilyich", Donetsk region, Mariupol city;
  2. Manufacturing and installation of technological pipelines at the project "Capital repair of blast furnace # 3”. PJSC "MK Azovstal", Donetsk region, Mariupol;
  3. Installation of technological pipelines at the object "Reconstruction of the continuous casting department with the installation of a complex of machines for continuous casting of workpieces # 2 and # 3", PJSC "ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih", Dnipropetrovsk region, Kryviy Rih city.

Fabrication and installation of tanks

  1. Installation of bitumen storage tanks capacity 1000 m3 (pre-fabricated by roll) and process equipment, construction of process piping, during construction of bitumen plant in Iasi Romania


Подробнее: Fabrication and installation of tanks

Erection of steel structures and special equipment

  1. 2019-04-25Contract-supervising equipment of siloses, flat-belt and chain conveyers, norias, pre-fabricated steel structure by AGI (Canada.
  2. Erection of silos 5000 and 2000 tons manufactured by “SCAFCO” USA, erection of endless belt conveyor, creeper and elevators designed by “Cimbria”, erection of hot air-drier designed by “Mathews”, c. Koroventsi, Zhytomyr region, c. Kozatske, Kherson region, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitsky, Kyiv region for Nibulon LTD.


Подробнее: Erection of steel structures and special equipment